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Naming Phonenumbers in Remote-Phonebook - t.kerkhoff - 04-22-2022 10:37 PM

Our Customer has several Yealink Phones and wants to use a remote Phonebook.

Using a remote XML-Phone-Book from a remote location, at bes we have numbers appear as "Number1: ..., Number2:..., Number3:... ". Our Customer wants to tweak it to show names (Office:..., Mobile:..., Home:..).

Looking at the XML-Template exported from a Phone (directory->local->xml-Export), it looks like there's already fitting categories ( office_number="..." mobile_number="..." other_number="..."), but the phone wont accept that as a format for a remote phone book.

The otherwise found documentation on remote Phonebooks, features a different XML-Format ...

Quote:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<XXXIPPhoneDirectory clearlight="true">
...that works, but can't store "Phone-Names" and results in "Number1: 123, Number2: 456, Number3: 789".

Is this possbile at all, or should I tell my customer to look for other phones?