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cfg file import has no effect - Lilpombo - 04-19-2022 10:26 PM


I have experienced the following behaviours with several W52P/W56P models:

I export a local config file (CFG File, I chose Local in the dropdown) via the phones web interfacce
I edit the file
I import the file (same filename as before)
I ok the prompt that the phone should import the new file
the phone is busy and rebooting
none of the changes I made take effect (I reexport the local config file and it hasn't changed)

To me it looks like the import feature is not working for CFG files...

Any ideas? Anybody successfully used this feature?

best regards Igor

RE: cfg file import has no effect - holdshift - 09-04-2022 11:14 PM

Ever figure this out? I'm having the exact same issue with a DECT base right now.