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T46 - Program Message Button for a Help call? - harrys - 03-31-2022 11:08 PM

Two questions please

1. Is it possible to program the Message button to dial an extension or dial out rather then default to message function?

2. IS there a way for this button (or if not, any button) to call a group of extension with a Call for help message,

Essentially we need a discrete panic button that will alert others in the building that help is needed.
- When the button is pressed no ringing or sounds should be made
-The group of receiving extension need to have a loud and imposing ringtone and message and must show the room the button was pressed in. It must not allow open two way chatting though as if the button is pressed by accident , a private conversation would be overheard.

Any suggestion on how this could be set up.

OK, So it was pretty easy to do in case anyone else wants to know. We dont use voice messages.

1. Setup the yeahlink to have Vocce message off (no voice message extension setup)
2. Set up an IVR on the cloud or onsite PBX with 1 min of no sound audio (can download the .wav file). The IVR is labled as HELP. The IVR should immediatly ring a call que with the phones that need to ring when help is needed. One of the phones in the que group is a loud ringer and flashing light (Buy it from Amazon)

When the IVR is triggered the phones ring with the caller ID showing as IVR name (HELP) and the Room location. THe extension with the loud ringer and lght notifies everyone at front reception.

When the Yeahlink Message button is pressed for the first time it asks for the Voice message dial extension, instead of adding the voice message no, add and save the Help IVR number.

From now on when in trouble the consultant can press the Message button , THey hear no sound on the loudspeak as they are listening to 1 min silence so the message is sent discretley with no ringing sound.

If anyone has a better idea or setup, please pipe up.