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T46Us & T48Us Programming/EDK - WMBB - 03-29-2022 11:27 PM

Hello, Good morning, Good afternoon,

I am looking for some advanced programmed keys. What I mean by this is something like EDK, but being me, I am a complete "Noob" when it comes to the phone side of things.

I am looking for when I'm on a call with someone, I want to be able to transfer the call directly to VM without the other line having to be in DND or anything. I also want to be able to do the same thing with holding. I want to be on the line with a customer and transfer to another line directly on hold and one of the LEDs are just blinking red letting me know they have someone on hold. Below is what I have so far, but I am running into an issue with the Voicemail code not working, I have tried *55,35,0,5001 and none seem to be working. I am able to do lets say *35338 and this will transfer a call from another line to my line to take the call. If anyone could help me out a little more, that would be much appreciated,

features.enhanced_dss_keys.enable = 1
edk.edklist.1.enable = 1
edk.edklist.1.mname = test1
edk.edklist.1.action = *55$PEnter Ext#&C10&N$$Tinvite$
linekey.7.type = 73
linekey.7.value = !test1
linekey.7.label = test1