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W80B dm-base role - Lansalot - 12-09-2021 11:05 PM

I would like to check please, I see reference in the changelog that the DM-Base role is no longer an option after fw 83.30.

If I am right in my understanding - before 83.30 you could have 2 base stations, one is DM and both provide wireless service.

After 83.30 you would need to have 3 base stations for 2 to provide wireless service, and another is DM.

I do not operate any W80b's currently so I am just interested - why was this option removed, apart from to sell more equipment Tongue?

Is it the same situation for W90 base stations (maybe it was never an option for DM to also provide wireless service)?

Also out of curiosity - can you mix W80 and W90 bases in a deployment?