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Transfer recall issue - radartc - 11-02-2021 01:50 AM

As referenced in thread-40616.html in the Yealink T4X series, we are experiencing an issue with Transfered phone calls that don't get answers being sent back to the person who transferred them.

Our receptionists use the T54W phone, while the rest of our company uses T46S phones.

We were able to use the setting: transfer.hang_up_after_success_trans = 3, to prevent this weird recall issue on our T46S phones, but it did not work on the T54Ws. Our receptionists do most of our transferring so we need a solution on the T54Ws most of all.

Have any of you encountered this issue on the T54Ws and how did you resolve it? Why wouldn't the hang_up_after_success_trans parameter work on those phones?