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MP50 Phone: Won't hang-up - microdaft - 07-30-2021 05:34 AM

We are having an issue that only happens under these circumstances:

On a call with an outside caller (Teams voice); if the other person hangs-up the call first; Teams acknowledges the hang-up on the computer; but the Yealink MP50 will not hang-up. Pushing the hang-up button does not work.

This seems to happen for users that have a different audio device set as the default device.


Employee has Poly BT600 set as default device; Makes a call from the Yealink MP50; customer hangs-up first. In that scenario, Teams will close the call, but the Yealink will not let go of the call.

I do not know if this is a Yealink issue or a Teams issue.

I am open to any suggestions.

Thank you

RE: MP50 Phone: Won't hang-up - - 10-19-2021 04:11 PM

We are also getting this behaviour on MP56 on latest firmware .44

So far no resolution, over 15 handsets at one client office have this issue.

RE: MP50 Phone: Won't hang-up - tpackrat - 11-19-2021 01:23 AM

There is a firmware update that is supposed to fix this issue. 131.410.0.55

It's also supposed to fix the issue where the phone switches to speaker when you pick up the handset and dial a number.

RE: MP50 Phone: Won't hang-up - bwarpinski - 06-18-2022 01:01 AM

We have a similar issue. However, ours happens when 2+ people try answering the call. Second person's phone hangs. Our only workaround solution is to call the person directly to remove it. Happens daily and is annoying.