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Blacklist using wildcards - Babylonia - 04-27-2021 12:51 AM


With the capabilities of all kinds of automated VOIP calls,
unfortunately we are also dealing with a worldwide plague of annoying unwanted "fishing" phone calls.
Often from abroad.

We can move individual numbers to a blacklist.
That is working. The telephone will not even ring.

I would like to block entire countries where telephone calls can come from.
Is there a method to use "wildcards" with creating a blacklist?

Tests with individual numbers, of which I take parts of it, and then ending with an asterisk or filling in missing numbers with question marks, did not work.

Is there any other method?

As an example India has the country code 0091
So I would like to include something like 0091*
(If an asterisk can be noted as a wildcard).

So all calls form India are blacklisted (I have no family in India)

But even better to use 009*
So all countries starting by 009* shall be blacklisted.
Same as for 002* etc.

I want to block out most countries in the world.

How to accomplish this?