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Bluetooth Headset with T42S - hausrocker - 03-25-2021 09:34 PM

Some BT headsets connected via BT dongle always work, some not reliable.

The MPOW 5Pro works fine 8/10 times. Especially when I get called I put up the headset, click on the phone button and the call has started but the other side can not hear me then. In 8/10 cases its okay. Sound quality is quite good.

The MPOW 3 HC works reliable but has bad sound quality. The funny thing is that with my iPhone X (and a VoIP app from our BPX) via BT with the same BPX the sound quality is great. So that does not depend on the headset I would say.

I did not find any additional settings for BT beside connect and disconnect. What is the reason and how to solve that? What is a good headset combination that works reliable that does not cost 100 Euro?