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T46G/T46S - Permission Denied! - - 03-17-2021 01:39 AM

Hi all

I'm hoping someone can help me with this as I'm stuck!

I've provisioned some new T46S with FreePBX. Everything is working great and the phones have connected to the PBX and can make/receive inbound/outbound calls. I've edited the base file and added a few bits in that I need and the provisioning, background image works great...

The problem I have is when I login to the Web Interface GUI of the phone with the "admin" user account, both the Dsskey, Features, Directory and Security tabs just show up as "Permission denied!" as per the attached screenshot.

I cannot understand how or why the phones "admin" user account would be blocked from viewing or configuring these tabs and I cannot find anything in FreePBX or the T46S's Web Interface GUI to give the "admin" account access rights to these tabs.

The phones version/firmware is the following:

Firmware Version =
Hardware Version =

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards



RE: T46G/T46S - Permission Denied! - Yisroel_MongoTEL - 03-19-2021 08:59 PM

Any reason for using an old (66.82.x.x) and custom (x.x.179.x) firmware?

Try upgrading (you didn't mention that the Settings tab is also blocked, if it is then you'll need to do a TFTP recovery) to (from here: and see how it is.