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Add LDAP Support via Ringcentral? - solveitjake - 03-16-2021 04:19 AM

Hey All,

I'm working with a client who has moved onto Ringcentral from 3CX and is asking if it's possible to integrate the "Corporate Directory" with Yealink phones.

Ringcentral Info:

"The Corporate Directory utilizes Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) connection on port 636."

I've only made these changes to the GUI on this test phone to see if I can connect to the database but haven't made any progress yet.

See attached photos.

Please let me know if this is possible? And if so what changes would I need to make for it to work? I'm still going to keep testing a few other things but any feedback towards the solutioning of this would be great as the client does not wish to check a physical list of numbers to search for individual extensions.