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T58A Enigmatic Ringing Problem - Ustas - 03-16-2021 01:52 AM

Hi guys,

Within last three months we have deployed several 3CX-powered PBX instances with Yealink T58A (FW v58.85.0.5) used as a primary SIP phone. However, last week one of the sites reported the following problem - all of a sudden some random phones stop ringing. Everything works smooth and perfectly, but there's no ring during another inbound call. The workaround appears to be pretty easy (just power cycle the device), yet incredibly annoying, and worst of all, the last time it affected three phones within a day.

So could anyone share the same glitch experience or maybe provide efficient solution?

Thank you in advance for assistance!

RE: T58A Enigmatic Ringing Problem - roms_gefor - 03-23-2021 01:57 AM

We have exactly the same problem with all our 50 devices T58 with firmware
We did not have this problem with firmware

After one year, Yealink, did not release any new firmware, maybe they try to get a new Android version like with "T58 Teams" variant ? This should be an excellent news.