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W80 Multiple Accounts per Headset - HaraldL - 01-26-2021 02:27 AM

Maybe the wrong forum but I didn't found any Multi-Cell W80 forum...

I would like to know why there is a limitation of only one account/line per headset.

Main purpose would be to have different sip accounts for different purposes.

Or is there at least a workaround to differ to incoming call in my case 2 different sip-trunks/phone numbers. Display or ringtone.

Multiple lines should be possible because the phone is able to handle it on a W60B

RE: W80 Multiple Accounts per Headset - bitblock - 02-18-2021 06:39 AM

Not sure where Yealink is / why they aren't active in these forums or where people are actually supposed to POST W80 and W90 related questions.
It bothered me that NO ONE had responded to you as I know what that feels like so I decided to drop you back a note and hopefully spur them to action.

Cross reference with this post: