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AutoP vs refresh configuration - mattf - 01-23-2021 10:42 AM

I'm an end user (admin for my org) using a third party provider where they provide the provisioning server. In this case, I have the ability through the provider UI to leverage custom tags (i.e. parameters such as wallpaper_upload.url etc.) These work just fine when I add them to the provider UI and then save. This immediately pushes those down to the phone.

What I am looking for is a way to make the phone pull this down daily. Originally I thought it was just forcing the phone to AutoP but I do not believe the AutoP process forces the config to be rewritten/refreshed. The purpose is to ensure the phones in the org remain consistent in key features but allow users some independence of certain features they can customize. Is there any way to remotely force a phone to update its config or regularly schedule this process?