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T46S Password not recogised ....sometimes - Hanno - 01-21-2021 10:55 PM


i'm having an issue wirth 5 TS46S phones ....

The Passwort of the webinterface keeps being denied.

I changed the PW from the default admin/admin when i set up those devices.
Alls phones work flawless but today i wanted to change some DSS Key entries and three of these phones won't let me login via the webinterface.

The pw is correct. i even managed to log into one of the phones after the lockout period was over, but now im stuck, the other 2 phones won't let me login. The time keeps adding up?

Anybody got the same issue ?


RE: T46S Password not recogised ....sometimes - ggrooha - 02-17-2021 04:43 AM


I have the same problem on T46S, T54S sometimes on T21P. Upgrading the firmware to the latest version helped, but sometimes it still happens,
so I will join the question
maybe someone knows how to remove the problem?

RE: T46S Password not recogised ....sometimes - bob_1921 - 03-04-2021 04:31 PM

I had such issues with the t23g it42s series, in fact I still have ... and the problem occurs when the phones work for a long time, maybe half year or a year, and the reboot phone helps or you just need to disconnect from the network and reconnect ...