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Couple of issues applying custom settings - mattf - 01-17-2021 05:52 AM

Hello everyone. A couple of questions. First the comment, thank you for the exceptional documentation for these phones. It is enormously helpful.

Here are the issues I'm having with our T54W devices

1. I cannot get the wallpaper/background to change. I've tried almost every iteration of configuration option but cannot use phone_setting.backgrounds to change the background to anything at all. I've even tried to set it to 03.jpg or Config:03.jpg Neither works. The phone background stays on the default. The others are present. Ultimately I am trying to put my own custom one up but that would not work either, though I am successful with the upload of the file.

2. On the topic of custom wallpaper, is it just me or does the phone scale down images (saved to documented spec) when uploading? I've tested this theory by downloading one of the stock images from the phone, uploading it back and setting it and it is definitely a lesser quality. This is odd.

3. What is the secret to setting the date format to MM/DD/YYYY? I've used several different options found in the manual and none seem to stick. In some cases, I see the data format change, but then a second later it goes back to the default.

Thanks in advance!