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missing certificate - Exonix - 01-07-2021 11:15 PM

Hello everyone,

we use over 20 T56A, but unfortunately only 30% are working well, and 70% devices are getting error: you can't sign in because your device is missing a required certificate.

[Image: yealink1.png]

I compared all the settings and found no differences. Even working devices don't have any certificates at all:

[Image: yealink2.png]

Firmware Version
Hardware Version
Company Portal Version 5.0.4927.0
Teams Version 1449/

Thank you for any suggestions.

RE: missing certificate - Exonix - 01-08-2021 08:39 PM

we found a reason: https inspection of AD FS server. Once it bypassed - everything works.

RE: missing certificate - - 01-17-2021 04:12 AM

I am having the same issue. Can you tell me how you fixed the issue?