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W59R Handset - First Impressions and quick review - Connexium - 12-19-2020 10:48 PM

Hello all,

Not much information here about the new rugged DECT W59R handset so i felt like I would share my experience.

First, the device feels incredible in your hand! A nice study heavy feel but not bulky or too big. I was actually surprised how similar in size to the W56H the handset is. Nice quality rubber all around it to be able to absorb shocks when it falls. You cannot hear the plastic squeak or crack when you twist it gently like other models out there.

I am using it with the USB DECT adaptor (DD10) connected to my T57W. Flawless initial setup, remote updated the handset firmware via the YMCS platform. Nothing to say here. Just perfect!

-Feels very good and sturdy. High quality build
-I love the volume buttons on the side but I will sometime press on them by mistake while using the belt clip and think I am getting a call.
-Belt clip is replaceable and won't damage the phone if you break it. It can also be removed thanks to an included replacement part.

-Display is small for a Super Premium handset, but you get a super long-lasting battery in return
-Display quality feels che ap. Meaning colors seems faded, letters and menus pixelated and low resolution. In comparison, the Grandstream DP720 screen display is just a tad bigger and looks a tiny bit more premium. Not a deal breaker though.

This brings me to the reason I decided to write my first impressions here.
I installed the same setup at one of my small customers (T57w+DD10+W59r)
And the handset would NOT ring for incoming calls. No matter what we did. Intercom was working both ways (from and to the handset). Paging button in the WEB UI was also working. Missed call notifications and shared directory was working as well. A factory reset of the handset would NOT solve the issue. Obviously latest firmware was installed on all devices.

Then, I asked the customer to remove the battery and put it back... BAM, all was working properly! So if you ever encounter a similar issue, I hope you find this thread.

I haven't tried the built-in Bluetooth will update when I do.
I also have a W56H connected to my T57W. I will try to do a range comparison.
I haven't played with the emergency button yet.
I haven't tested the ruggedness of it and won't until something happens.

Overall, very pleased with it, excellent price point and I recommend it in any warehouse

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