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VP59 Upgrade to Teams Edition - mamboz - 12-15-2020 07:52 PM


I bought a new VP59. I wanted a teams edition, but the supplier provided me with a normal SIP version and wouldn't replace it. I upgraded the ROM to VP59_9.0- allowed to downgrade to the previous versions).

I want to install Teams APK on the device, but unable to do so. I followed the app install process through the config file.

I am also unable to download the VP59_9.0- from the website. The website is very slow and the download gets interrupted every time.

Kindly suggest a work around.

Many thanks

RE: VP59 Upgrade to Teams Edition - Yisroel_MongoTEL - 12-16-2020 05:35 AM

For the download issue, I uploaded it here:

Is this better?