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W80 - Problem with sync level - Samy_Lahmar - 09-30-2020 08:36 AM


I have a problem with the configuration of the W80 DECT base station.

I added 3 W80B to my W80DM controller.

The terminals are configured in the same cluster, and we have different synchronization levels (sync 1 for base 1, sync 2 for base 2, sync 2 for base 3).

The problem is that my phones don't synchronize anymore if I cut the base 1 that has sync level 1.

Knowing that only one terminal can be put in sync 1, I find myself having to manually change the level of the base in case of failure, which is not viable.

In your documents you say this:

A base station always synchronizes itself with a base station that has a higher sync level.
If it detects several base stations with a higher sync level, it synchronizes itself with the base station that has thestrongest signal.
If it does not detect any base station with a higher sync level, it cannot synchronize.

If the base in sync 1 no longer works, the higher level base becomes the base in sync 2, and the phone should be able to provision itself on it.

Can you tell me if this problem is normal?



RE: W80 - Problem with sync level - bitblock - 02-18-2021 07:01 AM

Not sure where Yealink is / why they aren't active in these forums or where people are actually supposed to POST W80 and W90 related questions.
It bothered me that NO ONE had responded to you as I know what that feels like so I decided to drop you back a note and hopefully spur them to action.

Did you ever figure out your issue?

I tried a "simple experiment" - after setting up two 80B, and an 80DM I started a call on one base, and then disconnected the base (in theory using multi-cast the call could have survived / the phone was within range of base 2) - it did not. Not sure if that function is planned, but it does seem there's some missing information and confusion about this product roll out - and they already added the 90 line.

Concerning - please share your results. Thanks!

Also nots I found newer firmware in one of the other posts:
There is newer firmware linked in the forums here - but not yet published on the site.
No idea why.