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caller ID source --> display permanently - wouternotebaert - 08-18-2020 09:34 AM


we configured the caller ID source on our cloud pbx to show on the yealink device when we have an incoming call. the original call has "text @ display": "belfor"

however the caller id source is only shown for 1 second and then it disappears and shows only the number of the caller.

we have multiple tel numbers routed to 1 phone. we would like to see the original caller id permanently, so people know what phone number was used. as it is now, it is shown in a blink of an eye, so not usefull.

is there a way this can be shown in a better way on the device?

as shown in pictures the "Belfor" is shown only for 1 second and then dissappears completely.
"RBZ Wouter Notebaert" is the callers phone number wich is permanently shown.

kind regards.

RE: caller ID source --> display permanently - David_Yealink - 09-07-2020 02:47 PM

Hi There,

Thank you for reaching out to Yealink. To clarify the issue, would you please provide Syslog, Config.bin and pcap. For acquiring them, please follow the steps as below:
(1) Go to WebUI -> Settings -> Configuration page.
(2) Drop down the page and you will see Export All Diagnostic Files option
(3) Press Start. Then start to do registration.
(4) After finishing registration, press Stop and then Export. You will get a file, named allconfig.tar with syslog, pcap and config.bin. Please export it immediately after testing, just in case the messages been overwritten.

For more details, please click:

Best Regards,