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LDAP timeout, but no reconnect - MarcelM - 06-16-2020 10:47 AM

Three things concerning ldap and microsoft AD.

I connected the T54W phone via ldap to our active directory, and everything worked fine - for a while (~10 minutes), but later I need to restart the phone or change any ldap setting. I increased the ldap timeout on the server to 1 day and now I am quite sure it is a timeout problem because the problem only appears after the weekend now, and not after a few idle minutes, like before.
Shouldn't the phone automaticly reconnect ? This is pretty standard...

Second, I wonder why the codepage is wrong. ldap should be utf8, but the german umlaute like "ü" "ö" "ü" are not displayed... On the phone itself those chars are working, so they are part of the integrated fonts!

Third, the call lists don't remember the name of a caller.