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Search in XML-Phonebook - GeorgSchwarz - 05-10-2013 08:05 PM

Hi everyone!

I've been searching the docs fpr some time, but was unable to find an answer. Is there a way to search through an external address book provided via XML on the T26/T28 series?

I have somenthing in mind that just works like on my cellphone...
- I just open the Phonebook via Softkey and then I get my list of contacts
- If I want to contact e.g. George Schulz i Would press 6(G) 33(e) and then the list would be narrowed down to for example

Geerd VanZandt
Gerhard Miller
George Schulz

If I pressed 666 (O) the search would be narrowed down to
George Schulz

When I try this, I only get "The URL is empty" /(using a T26P with FW6.70.0.140)

My Questions
- Is such a functrion implemented natively?
- If not is there something like that planned for future FW releases?
- Is there a workaround via the XML Browser? (There does not seem to be a support fo alphanumeric keys in List apps, just the numbers, if I got the documentation correctly)

It is vital for our customer that the whole thing works exacty as described because they want a cellphone-like look&feel

TIA for your answers

RE: Search in XML-Phonebook - CWR - 05-16-2013 07:03 AM

I don't see that that works in the 2x series. The 3x seems to be the same way. Yealink is usually pretty good about fixing/adding this stuff.

It does appear to be in the local phonebook though. And there is a softbutton to select how the buttons work (letter or number).
Not sure if this is the same on the 2x series.

RE: Search in XML-Phonebook - qdolp - 05-23-2013 11:12 PM

I have this same issue. Using 3CX and t28's

I have added the URL on the phone and setup the XML phonebook on the web server, added the extra lines to the XML
for each number but the buttons just go back to the beginning rathan than pick any numbers up.

I use FW 103 but have also tried the latest as of yesterday.