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Modern Yealink Phonebook Generation Tool - rgranholm - 02-20-2020 09:45 PM

I am trying to generate a remote phonebook for our Yealink phones and the .xls file does not work on a Mac, with Microsoft Excel.

Is there a modern version of this tool, built for something like Google Spreadsheets.

The documentation says that Windows is required to generate the XML and host it, is that really true?

How else can I generate a phonebook?

I am just jumping into how to mass deploy our T46S phones and this is one item we want to manage.

RE: Modern Yealink Phonebook Generation Tool - Chris708 - 04-30-2020 03:40 PM

An xml file is just a text file with a specific formatting.
You can use the Yealink examples to create a remote phone book. I ended up creating a spreadsheet that takes the first name, last name, extension/phone number (x2) and puts it into the format below.

Do not use dashes between number digits (like 234-555-8890). If the phone is configured to use the phonebook as a caller ID lookup, the incoming # will not match up with a number that has dashes.

This is the Remote Phonebook format that I use, the local phonebook (or contacts) is formatted differently and allows for different features.
<DirectoryEntry><Name>John Smith</Name><Telephone>6400</Telephone><Telephone>2345558890</Telephone></DirectoryEntry>
<DirectoryEntry><Name>Mitch Jones</Name><Telephone>6402</Telephone><Telephone>2347235890</Telephone></DirectoryEntry>

I use the above format so I can keep each entry on it's own line but another valid format (and more commonly seen with XML is below). It is also easier when using a spreadsheet as it keeps the information all on one line.

<Name>John Smith</Name>
<Name>Mitch Jones</Name>

RE: Modern Yealink Phonebook Generation Tool - rgranholm - 04-30-2020 09:03 PM

Yeah I know this but what is not explicit in all the information in the seeming world about this, is that your vendors firmware [Zoom Phone] in this instance, can make this not work.

We have uploaded the text file, tested things every which way, validated that it
s a valid accessible working XML file and the file remote directory will not load on the phone.

The phone company [Zoom phone] simply says this isn't supported.

So it's not a phone indepedant feature that works no matter what, it requires functionality from the carrier as well, unfortunately, as I'd love to get this working.