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W60B Phonebook ? - Egelhof - 02-07-2020 08:32 AM

The best option for me is a single phonebook stored in the base so i have to manange my contacts only there.

Can i store all the contacts in the base so all phones use the same phonebook or do i have to manange them on every dect phone seperatly?

I know there is a feature with an external xml phonebook but i don't want to use this or external things like ldap - just the base.

RE: W60B Phonebook ? - Babylonia - 02-13-2020 09:15 AM

If you log in to the base and looking to the menu’s,
the only possibility seems to push files to the individual named Dect Phones (maximum 8).
Or e.g. use a phone-book by remote over URL (can be stored on a server in your local network).

To keep things simple, in my own situation, I have made an Excel-sheet (*.xlsx)
Where I have a list of my phone contacts and by time add new numbers.
The new file (stored with a new date in the name of the file), I do export as a *.cvs file.
Save as, with following attributes:
UTF8 character set -- “komma” separated -- NO text markings signs -- CR + LF (Windows)

Within the W60B base:

Go to the “Directory” section ----> Local Directory
Import this *.cvs file into each individual named Dect Phone

You do get a preview of the imported phone list.
At the top: check mark “The first line as the title” (is excluding the column names itself).
“Delete Old contacts” (if no individual addings are made within the phone address list itself)

This work-around only is practical when having just a few Dect phones.
When using several W60B base stations and many Dect phones (within a company),
better to make use of a Remote Phone Book by URL, stored on a local server.

RE: W60B Phonebook ? - Egelhof - 02-14-2020 11:35 AM

I haven't bought that yet. Thank you for the information. I already thought that when I read the instructions. Maybe I should set up a web server for the remote phonebook.