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WF50 - no WiFi registration 2.4 Ghz - channel 13 - Babylonia - 01-27-2020 06:25 AM

WiFi USB dongle WF50 connected to desktop phone T41S
No WiFi registration by 2.4 Ghz WiFi band - channel 13

When power is interrupted, and power is up again, the WiFi connection will not be established automatically.
However the WiFi is set already more early within the T41S phone.

By changing the WiFi channel within the router to e.g. channel 1, the WiFi connection shall be accomplished again.
And still remains connected when you return back to channel 13.

Channel 13 may not be supported in certain regions of the world.
And for that reason the WiFi dongle does not respond to this with a new registration.
It is strange however that it will continue to work, by first going back to channel 1, and then choosing channel 13 after.

Which WiFi channel does or does not offer support in certain regions by the regulations of a country,
seems more a matter for the settings for a router or Access Point device, and not for a WiFi Client accessory.

Please adjust your firmware so that channel 13 is also supported for a new/fresh registration.