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Where to find doc of LED config ($LEDr300o300$, ...) ? - oliv - 12-03-2019 01:25 PM


Looking at v84_80 Admin Guide, you can find several instances of LED configuration
such as
expansion_module.page_tip.blf_call_in.led = $LEDr300o300$

1. Where can you find documentation of these $LEDr300o300$ values ?

2. Is there any T4X, T2X or T5X phone with BLF LED that supports 3 or more colors (green, red and at least a third color (yellow, ...)) to let you implement enhanced presence (one color for "away" status, an other for "away for long", ...) ?

3. When phone has a color screen, can you play BLF label background color to support more than 3 or 4 states for BLF ?

Best regards

RE: Where to find doc of LED config ($LEDr300o300$, ...) ? - anonymous1712222627012 - 01-15-2020 02:32 AM

Dear Customer ,

Good day.this is Phil from Yealink technical support team ,nice to meet you .

1. expansion_module.page_tip.blf_call_in.led = $LEDr300o300$

It means an infinite loop for page switch key LED status: glow red for 300ms and then be in the off state for 300ms

You can modify the number of "300" and test the frequency of light flash .

2.BLF LED only support 2 colors ,

You can find the LED/icons indicator associated with the line you are monitoring in chapter "State Indicator of Remote Line

3.I am sorry ,it can't support and i think the color and status change in phone is easy for you to know the status changes of BLF(line your are monitoring ),thanks for understanding .

Best Regards,