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T28P LDAP Problem - oguzhan - 11-14-2019 10:40 AM

We have T21P and T28P phones in company (besides nonsupporting t20ps)

We made LDAP configuration on both models.
What is strange is, All T21P phones running LDAP search without any problem..

But, strangely T28P fails to search on LDAP
We are searching on Active Directory LDAP

I downloaded the configuration from both phones completey and made a side to side comparison on config files..
Nothing different except Ip configuration and user accounts of the phones.. which is normal..

Here is the ldap part of the configuration (sure domain info replaced)

ldap.name_filter = (|(cn=%)(sn=%))
ldap.number_filter = (|(telephoneNumber=%)(Mobile=%)(ipPhone=%)) =
ldap.base = DC=xxx,DC=net
ldap.user = CN=ldap control account,CN=Users,DC=xxx,DC=net
ldap.max_hits = 500
ldap.name_attr = cn sn
ldap.numb_attr = mobile telephoneNumber ipPhone
ldap.display_name = %cn
ldap.call_in_lookup = 1
ldap.ldap_sort = 1

Just checked pcap capture. It seems phone does not send any connection to ldap server.
then I examined the syslog on phone..
Came across an error message like this

Nov 14 10:54:15 LDAP[434]: ANY <0+emerg > LDAP log :sys=1,cons=0,time=0,E=3,W=4,N=5,I=6,D=7
Nov 14 10:54:15 LDAP[434]: ANY <0+emerg > ANY =3
Nov 14 10:54:15 LDAP[434]: ANY <0+emerg > MEM =3
Nov 14 10:54:15 LDAP[434]: ANY <0+emerg > LDAP =3
Nov 14 10:54:15 LDAP[434]: LDAP<3+error > Init config! libldap Ver:

The config is created via phone GUI.. So, if there is an error it suppose to belong this..
It seems like a bug..

RE: T28P LDAP Problem - beldimon - 06-10-2020 01:14 PM

Same problem here with T22P phone.