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SCA Issues - spheragh - 11-04-2019 05:29 PM

I am having trouble getting all the extensions in my office to be visible on my handset. right now it seems I have their first line as a BLF, then the 2nd & 3rd as SCA however every time their phone rings all 3 lines will ring/light up. same goes for an active call. all 3 lines will show as red.

how can I make it so their lines show as idle, and only are lit up when that one line is in use, and only the 2nd line lights up when an incoming call rolls over onto their second line?

it also appears that if I answered a call from a shared line on my handset, the extension owner can not pick this call back up, nor see that a call is even being held on their line. how can we fix this?

RE: SCA Issues - Rick_Yealink - 11-12-2019 09:51 AM

Hi ,
This is Rick from Yealink Support Team .
Could you please replicate this issue and capture the diagnostic files(PCAP trace, level-6 log and config.bin), then send the files to us to locate the problem?
This FAQ is for your reference to get the diagnostic file :
And if possible , can you provide the on-line account for us to test and reproduct this issue ? Thank you .

Best Regards,