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8x8 Yealink Phones - stratos - 10-24-2019 11:47 AM


We are currently using Yealink T23G phones with 8x8 Service Provider. Can those T23G phones be used on another provider? I know the phones came direct from 8x8 so I'm assuming they come with a factory installed 8x8 Certificate.

Any help would be appreciated.

RE: 8x8 Yealink Phones - Ekko_yealink - 11-15-2019 06:26 AM

Dear Customer,

Thank you for reaching out to Yealink.

1.The T23G phones can be used on other Service Provider.
2.You can upgrade the firmware and reset to factory via product's web interface,but get the admin password from 8x8 portal or consult their support first.

Any queries,please feel free to let me know,thaks.

Best regards,