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Which params go where... - Gregory T - 10-17-2019 03:17 PM

Hello All,

I have 2 files, the y0000.... and the {macaddress}.cfg. Some configuration parameters go in the y0000 and some in the mac address.

I've had such a hard time figuring this out. Looking at the administrator guide, they seem to lead you to believe that a particular parameter goes in a particular file such as....

[Image: Untitled.png]

According to this image, I'm lead to believe the parameter should go in the y000.. file. However, I added the parameter to the y0000 file, rebooted a phone and the parameter didn't take. So I added it to the mac address file, rebooted the phone and the parameter took. Thus my confusion...

Is someone able to clear up my confusion?


RE: Which params go where... - jolouis - 10-21-2019 01:15 PM

To my knowledge, unless Yealink has explicitly changed it in V84 which I do not believe they have, any configuration setting can go in either the y0000000..cfg or the mac.cfg

The reason they give you both is to allow you to logically decide what are "global" settings that you want to apply to all your phones, and what are settings that really only make sense for specific devices.

For example in one case you might want all users to have the first five line keys assigned to account 1. So you put the definition of that into the y0000...cfg file to make sure all phones see/apply that setting. A different customer or user might want line key configurations that are unique to them, so in that case you put the settings in the mac.cfg.

Configuration values are generally applied in the order that they are loaded. So if you define the same configuration key in both the global file (y0000..cfg) and mac file, the value in the mac file will take effect. Be aware however that modern provisioning can be far more complicated than this as you are really using the most basic "old style" model if you're just relying on those two files.

Most importantly: If you are using "old style" provisioning, are you sure you put the settings in the correct y000000000XX.file? Each model of phone requests it's own unique file, so for example if you're provisioning a T29G you need y000000000046.cfg, if you're provisioning a T41S you need y000000000068.cfg, etc. This is all documented in the provisioning guide.

(Modern yealink firmware allows for .boot files, which allow you to define what .cfg files should be loaded, and in which order they are processed. Additionally, modern firmware also support STATIC vs user defined configuration keys. Basically this means, even if you provision an entry, unless you have provisioned it as "static." a user's local configuration may over ride it).[/b]