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3CX + W60B + W56H - Garrett78 - 09-26-2019 10:18 AM

Hello everbody,
We use a 3CX voip phone system in our company in combination with the W60B deck and 5 W56H phones.
All regular except for one thing we can't figure out if it's 3CX switchboard or W60B configuration fault:
once an incoming call is accepted and passed from one user to another, the W56H of the user who passed the call does not ring to the other incoming calls, until the first call is terminated. That is, with an active call on one of the 3 lines we have, 3 phones ring instead of 4.

Thanks for your help

Garrett78 - Italy

RE: 3CX + W60B + W56H - Babylonia - 09-29-2019 02:07 AM

If I do understand correctly,
see if you have some advantage by the answer in a more or less comparable subject < HERE >

RE: 3CX + W60B + W56H - Garrett78 - 09-29-2019 02:13 PM

(09-29-2019 02:07 AM)Babylonia Wrote:  If I do understand correctly,
see if you have some advantage by the answer in a more or less comparable subject < HERE >

Unfortunately this is not the problem.
We have 4 configured sip, and we can receive 4 calls without problems at the same time.
Let me explain: if a phone of a user passes the call internally to another user, until the call ends the two phones that have switched the call remain busy (one is engaged in conversation, the other does not ring).
Incoming calls ring only on the remaining 3 phones.

RE: 3CX + W60B + W56H - Babylonia - 10-03-2019 01:51 PM

I did some testing here.
In my situation I do use desk phones T41S as a stand alone telephone, with its own “local” SIP-accounts (internal used number).

Also using the W60B DECT base station with in my case at this moment just two hand sets.
The base station do have its own own “local” SIP-account (internal used number),
in the same way as the desk phones T41S.

But as for the desk phones T41S a SIP account is only used for one phone, the SIP account for a W60B DECT base station is used for all individual hand sets.

So redirect a call form one hand set, to another hand set is done by another way, than redirection of a call to a stand alone desk phone.

Redirection from a call from one hand set to another hand set,
I got the same experience as you, that the “ended” call of the first hand set is not ringing, by coming in other calls as long as the conversation is active to the other hand set.

But in the case when I make a redirection from a W56H hand set tot a desk phone T41S, new calls, are coming in to all W56H hand sets, as well as an “interruption” call to the T41S phone that has taken over the redirection call more early.

Also when I make a redirection from a desk phone T41S to the W60B DECT base station, and one of the hand sets is taking over the call (and ending up the call by the T41S).
New calls are coming in to all phones and W56H hand sets.
The one hand set that is still active and took the redirected call more early, also do get an an “interruption” ring, as a new call is coming in.