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Autprovisioning DSS keys won't take... - starion - 09-23-2019 10:56 PM

Successfully auto provisioned a T23G phone, but then decided I wanted to switch two of the keys around.

Ever since making the changes to the config files, I cannot get my new key assignments to load into the phone. I am able to make the settings take by using the GUI.

Yes, the files are loading as I can confirm other settings were loaded from the same config files that has the DSS key changes.

I have tried factory resetting the phone and it still does not pull the correct DSS layout.

I've gone around and around with this for an hour now.

Well, I recreated the files from scratch, cut/copy/pasted the stuff back into them, and now they work.

As a side note, I sure would like to know how a text file gets "corrupted". Seriously, I would like to look at it with an editor and see if I can tell what caused the phone to choke so I might be able to "fix" corrupt configs without having to totally re-create it. Anybody ever analyzed this? I've seen several mentions now about this happening.

RE: Autprovisioning DSS keys won't take... - jolouis - 09-25-2019 07:21 PM

Not sure what your actual issue was, but usually we run into this sort of thing when a user makes changes and those changes are not prefixed as "static." in the provisioning files. If you don't have the static nomenclature in there the provisioned settings are lower priority than "user defined" ones, so short of a factory reset there's no way to get them to apply again.

Doesn't sound like that was the case here but wanted to mention it so you were aware in the future.

As far as text files getting corrupted, sure I've seen it happen before. Not a provisioning server but definitely on hard drives that are failing, USB drives that choke, etc. Typically the text file will look visually "almost OK", but some of the characters go funky. Other times characters that are not visually displayable get randomly jammed into spots throughout the file. Open your "clean" copy up against the corrupted one in something like Notepad++ and you should be able find the differences fairly easily.