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COM-DEX compatible Bluetooth phone - fizzypop - 08-28-2019 02:31 PM

I wear a hearing aid and I am looking to replace my voip office phone. I would really like to utilize the bluetooth option to stream my calls to my hearing aid, which makes phone use so much easier. so im looking to see if anyone can suggest a model which will interface with my hearing aid.
I wear Widex Evoke 440 BTE (high end) and have been using a COM-DEX to stream from my computer and iPad to my hearing aid. The hearing aid streams directly to my iPhone without any interface hardware.
Since I need to replace my office phone I thought it would be awesome to find a phone compatible with my hearing aid's blue tooth via my COM-DEX. Unfortunately Widex does not list which VOIP phones are compatible, but do agree that it would be compatible with many systems as long as they had the same Bluetooth specifications.

Does anyone have any experience with connecting a com-Dex to any Yealink phone?
Does anyone know if the specifications Widex have provided me (below) would at the vary least narrow down which models might be compatible? Ive attached the spec sheet just in case it is easier to review the specs this way.
many thanks folks!

Version 2.1 + EDR n/a
Frequency (range) 2.4-2.5 GHz
Bandwidth 1 MHz
Channel 5 logical channels Single channel
Modulation FHSS/GFSK, π/4 DPSK, 8DPSK FSK
Radiated out power 2.5 mW (≈ +4.0 dBm) 3.02 pW / -85.2 dBm
Magnetic field strength N/A -26.9 dBμA/m @ 10 m
Range Up to 10 meters Up to 30 cm from neck loop to
hearing aid(s)
Duty cycle 83% Duplex (TDD) 100% Simplex or SemiDuplex