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Looking for a consultant - scully - 08-01-2019 07:00 PM

I have a rather large deployment coming up very quickly and I do not have time to figure things out myself. Looking for someone with experience on openvpn virtual appliance (not the free community edition) and yealink phones. This is one of those things where just because you get it working does not mean you have done it anywhere near the best way....and I have no time for trial and error.

We are an IP phone company. Until now we have always installed a cellular backup router that also is an outstanding VPN router (Pepwave MAX-BR1). So we have not needed any other vpn solution. We have racks in two tier 0 data centers, and recently expanded into google cloud. Our phone system is a high availability asterisk real time cluster spanning data centers. So each customer has a primary and failover data center assigned. We can lose a router, server or entire data center with pretty much zero impact. We use the failover capability in the Yealink phones.

Now I have an upcoming customer with several thousands of small locations and no interest in cellular backup because they are moving to us in order to do a centralized call center, meaning that the location phones are not so critical, plus they already have cellular backup for their POS systems. The phones are going to be directly on their internet modems (bleh). Will be W60 base with two handsets, so the base is the only openvpn client.
So I am planning to use openvpn to route the VoIP and allow remote access to the phones for support. Added complexity of wanting to at the very least have failover on the openvpn, wanting to have two openvpn connections (although I do not think that is possible). I will have openvpn virtual appliances in each of the six data centers, using mysql DB authentication with replication so any phone can connect to any vpn appliance. That part I am familiar with, since I do multi-master replication now on our phone system.

Anyone interested in working on this project please contact me here at or at