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Insuficient number of data ports for ipphones/computers - ittechnicianbasko - 08-19-2015 03:28 AM

Hi to all, sorry for my english i hope somebody can read it, i will try to describe my problem:
i work in a company and we moved from old office space to new building, so i have a office (it is a management office) where are three people but only two data ports (in a data socket)(that goes to switch which is located in server room) the three persons are using one ipphone (it is yealing SIP-T28P/T26) and one computer to each person, and the data connection is solved in a way that from data port goes UTP cable to IPPhone(using POE from data socket) and from the phone goes another UTP cable to computer so the ipphone functions as a data bridge for computers /notebooks. and i need to connect all three phones, the computers are not so problematic since they can connect through WIFI connection. We tried to connect two phones behind themself but the second phone doesnt turn on because the first takes all the power, we cannot use a common switch because it goes against company policy (i mean switch with few data ports and adapter - sorry i cant remmeber how it is called commonly) and manageble switch is too expensive (company is in economic saving policy right now) and solution with extension of the data socket (connect another two UTP data cables from rack switch to data socket in the office) is expensive too. Does enybody encountered this kind of problem? we thinked about buing external POE adapter (i think it needs to be at least 48 volts ) and connect the POE behind first phone and from the POE connect the second/third phone, but i dont know if the second phone will work (i dont know if it will communicate with our PBX), the ideal state would be if we could connect all three phones to one data port in the data socket and the second data port we could use for printer or another stuff. Thanks for any advice.

RE: Insuficient number of data ports for ipphones/computers - CWR - 08-19-2015 04:43 AM

Simply buy a Yealink Power Supply for the phones you have that are not coming from the switch. They will work in this manner. I do it often.

Your problem is not that the first phone is "taking all the power" - it is that the phones do not send power down the PC jack.