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local_time.dhcp_time conflicts with local_time.summer_time - Z - 07-15-2019 07:23 PM

After a lot of tinkering, I finally discovered why my T29G wasn't updating its time correctly for DST, even though auto_dst.url, local_time.summer_time, local_time.ntp_server1, local_time.time_zone, and local_time.time_zone_name were all configured: the option "local_time.dhcp_time" was set to 1, not 0.

The Administrator's Guide does have this to say:

"[...] update time with the offset time offered by the DHCP server.

Note: It is only available to offset from Greenwich Mean Time GMT 0."

However, what's not immediately obvious from the above text is that this setting takes precedence over the DST settings.

My DHCP server doesn't supply a time offset (DHCP option 2), so the phone just defaults to an offset of 0 from GMT.

If local_time.dhcp_time is set to 0, then local_time.summer_time becomes effective, and the phone's clock changes correctly to reflect DST.

So, my suggestion for the documentation is to add some explanatory text to the section for local_time.dhcp_time to let the reader know about the effect that local_time.dhcp_time has on local_time.summer_time.