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BLF re-park - joegilmr - 06-25-2019 10:59 PM

Using T27G phones (FW HW and VitalPBX (Asterisk). I am having the re-park on BLF hang up issue. It is repeatable and consistent.

Pickup call (lift handset)
Place call in park using BLF
Place handset down.
Lift handset
Pickup call from park
Select the SAME BLF park button
Call is dropped

If you do not pick up the handset or put the handset down between parking then it's OK.
If you use park on a different park bay or manually transfer to park bay or group, then is OK. I should note that there is a very short high pitched squeak as the call ends on the other end.

Any help is appreciated.


RE: BLF re-park - jolouis - 06-26-2019 10:04 PM

Interesting, what is the "Park BLF" configured as? i.e. is it just a button with mode park, or is it a BLF with a specific transfer value?

Have you checked the Asterisk log to see what it shows on that side of things? A SIP trace might also be useful to see what's going on at the packet level.

RE: BLF re-park - joegilmr - 06-30-2019 09:30 PM

(06-26-2019 10:04 PM)jolouis Wrote:  Interesting, what is the "Park BLF" configured as? i.e. is it just a button with mode park, or is it a BLF with a specific transfer value?

Have you checked the Asterisk log to see what it shows on that side of things? A SIP trace might also be useful to see what's going on at the packet level.

Thanks for your reply. The BLF is just a DSS Key configured as BLF with the parking bay number as the "extension" and the "value" (in my case I have 4 set up with 701 to 704 as values).

The Asterisk log seems to show it being disconnected. I think it's the phone though as if I do it with the handset on the hook it works as expected. Only with the handset lifted, then park (using the DSS key), handset down, pickup handset, select the DSS parked called, then select the same DSS key and it ends the call.

Thanks again. Joe

RE: BLF re-park - jolouis - 07-04-2019 05:24 PM

Still sounds like a strange route to take. Usually you have:
1 x Park Button
1-4 x Parking slot buttons.

So you take the call, and hit Park Button to park it. Asterisk sticks it into one of the slots and you see the BLF for that slot change. Then to pick the call back up, you press that BLF or dial the parking slot number.

I can confirm in this configuration things work normally and you can park/repark as many times as you want without disconnects.

I'm not sure how you have your single BLF/park button setup as I could not get a single button to act as both a park and a pickup/blf at the same time... maybe your Asterisk dialplan is different in some way though.

RE: BLF re-park - joegilmr - 07-04-2019 11:47 PM

Thanks jolouis,

I have the DSS buttons as Type: BLF, Value: 701, Label: Park 701, Line: Line 1, Extension: 701.

I have not tried making another button for park (to 700) but will try when I get a chance later today or tomorrow. Should this just be transfer to the parking lot number? This option though seems like a work around as it works fine once and as many times as you like if you use different DSS keys configured (I'm using 701 to 704).

Also, when you're busy and there are a few calls going on at the same time you may not notice which park bay the call was put in (if you didn't listen for the announcement).

Thanks again.

RE: BLF re-park - jolouis - 07-05-2019 01:09 PM

Well the main problem is we are guessing at the Asterisk dialplan/configuration you have in place, that's why I suggested using the more traditional parking scheme as it works fairly universally. Valet parking, which is what you originally described, has a few different possible implementations in Asterisk so it's entirely possible there's something odd on that side of things.

As I mentioned before your best bet is to enable PCAP on the phone and do a full trace/Level 7 log for the entire process. That way you can open a ticket with Yealink and have one of their engineers review the log files to tell you if it's a problem on the phone or something on the Asterisk side.

RE: BLF re-park - joegilmr - 07-05-2019 10:12 PM

Thanks for taking the time. I will do that. It will probably have to way a few days now because I'm away with family. However, I should be able to soon.

In the mean time if you think of anything else let me know.

FYI, I am using these in retail stores. It is not a common problem but occasionally when checking things for a customer we need to move from one area of the store to another or transfer from the office upstairs to downstairs. Because we are all new to SIP phones having just turned off the very old PSTN/ISDN PBX, the concept of valet parking and even parking slots is new to most of us. Combine this with staff who are older (some have been with me for over 40 years!) and I have tried to make things as simple as possible. They (am me) are used to having a call on "line 2" and working with that. Now the parking is what ever bay we choose. I may be able to get them to use the valet feature I'll have to see.

Thanks again.

RE: BLF re-park - joegilmr - 07-06-2019 09:07 AM

OK. A bit more testing. Using the valet park and there are no problems, but I did not expect there to be. Even when it picks the same park bay it works as expected.

I've taken a few PCAPs from the phone. If anyone with more expertise than me can shed some light on what is going on it would be appreciated.


RE: BLF re-park - joegilmr - 07-11-2019 05:08 AM

Just a follow up. I created a ticket with Yealink and a day later it was all fixed. Very helpful.
Thanks to all who replied.

RE: BLF re-park - jolouis - 07-11-2019 12:58 PM

Hey Joe,
Just for future reference/google support for others, what was the resolution? i.e. did Yealink issue a new firmware, or was it a configuration problem, or?