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Ability to alter call display format - TM2-Megatron - 08-15-2015 10:10 PM

I recently purchased a T48G, and while I love the phone there's a minor nitpick I have with the call display. On pretty much every phone I've ever had or have, the call display shows the country code of the incoming call and formats the number with the dashes in place (e.g. 1-123-123-4567). This has created issues for me since I enter numbers into the phone's directory in the above format, and so the phone won't use my contact names for call display when it receives a call.

Would you be able to introduce a firmware feature that would allow us to customize the way the phone displays the number of incoming calls? I've tried posting a thread in the regular T4x forum asking if there was a way to make the directory ignore the dashes, but judging from the lack of follow-up, that's not possible either.