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Missed calls for group users - Techvoip - 04-03-2019 11:46 AM


I'm Gregory and because it's my first post, first of all I'd like to invite every forum users.

I have a user who has three phones (one T27 and two W52) connected in parallel group. When incomming call arrives INVITE message is sent to each phone. When user receives a call, CANCEL messages is sent to two other phones. The problem is user has misssed calls on these phones. Is it possible to avoid entry to the call list in this situation ?
Maby some parametr in CANCEL message could help...

RE: Missed calls for group users - Techvoip - 04-08-2019 07:29 AM


Problem solved !

It's enough to put line :
Reason: SIP;cause=200;text="Call completed elsewhere"
into CANCEL message.

Thank you for reading.