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SIP-T41P to SIP-T41P Skype for Business - svensmolders - 04-03-2019 09:41 AM

Hi Everyone,

We received 16 phones (SIP-T41P) from a different location of us as they were no longer used. We would like to test the functionality of these phones with Skype for Business. However, I do not seem to succeed in installing the firmware (skipped update).

I see that the T41P's we have run the firmware, while the T41P Skype for Business edition has firmwares starting 29 on the download page. Where "T42(T41)-" is the newest ROM available.

I've tried to update with both the ROM (manual) and the CAB (via Skype for Business Device Update). both with the same results.

Can anyone of you point me in the right direction to get Skype for Business working on these phones?

Thank You
Best regards