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T32G - wenski - 08-13-2015 03:22 AM


I'm trying to configure a call park/retrieve button. This is my settings:
BLF Call Park

linekey.2.value = 710
linekey.2.label = Park
linekey.2.pickup_value = *55710

I am able to park a call to 710 but I am not able to pickup the call using the same BLF button.

Will this work or my understanding of the single button call park/retrieve is wrong?



RE: T32G - James_Yealink - 08-13-2015 05:32 AM

Hello Wenski,

Is the park/retrieve code same in your server?
If yes, you can configure the two parameter to do it in a same BLF button.

linekey.2.value = 710
linekey.2.label = Park

If not, you need to configure it in two DSSKey.