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Transfer voicecall etc button - Armbrust - 02-18-2019 01:31 AM

Just relized this is an ongoing request 6 years old. New to Yealink

I would like to be able to program a button with say a *5 (in Yeastar is a voice call) then the end user could press a BLF key to voice call an extension.

So end user
Presses the BLF key it dials the *5
but then
They press a BLF say 221 so 221 gets the voicecall

Same thing with ** for transfer to voicemail

So the end user could press a key labeled TranferVM then press the BLF they want to send the key to

This way the end user doesn't need to remember the feature codes

Not sure if I am explaining this clearly but hope so

RE: Transfer voicecall etc button - brourk - 07-24-2019 02:42 PM

Are you asking for something like this
I have been wanting this feature for a long time, so have many others.
It makes the T48 harder to use then the T46.

There have also been request for the ability to lock the DSS screen which would be another way to solve this issue.