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Explain how registration retry works - tsukraw - 08-12-2015 11:42 AM

Could you please explain how registration and retries work?
Under "Account/Register" there is the Server Expires and Retry Counts.

What happens if the SIP server is not reachable within the retry count?

So here is the situation.
Customer has remote phones. Each night the customers firewall has a automatic reboot set on it so the internet goes down for a few minutes.

Randomly in the morning they will have phones "T46G" that will not be registered.
If we power cycle, change setting, enable/disable account do anything on the phone that would trigger it to re-register the phone will come online.

So what i am thinking is that the firewall is taking long enough to reboot that the retry timeout is hitting so the phone stops trying to re-register.

Is this possible? If not what else could cause this?
Would it be as simple as increasing the retry count from 3 to say 6 or something?

Phone has been through all the builds on V73 and is now on V80 still seeing the same issue.


RE: Explain how registration retry works - Yealink_Michael - 08-12-2015 03:48 PM


here is the answer for your question

1. Server Expires: It configures the registration expiration time (in seconds) of SIP server for the account ,
Valid Value:
(Integer from 30 to 2147483647)
30<X<1200, 2/x to register
X>1200, X-600 to register

2. Server Retry Counts: It configures the retry times for the IP phone to resend requests when the SIP server is unavailable or there is no response from the SIP server for the account .
Valid Value:
(Integer from 0 to 20)

3. SIP Registration Retry Timer(0~1800s): It configures the interval (in seconds) for the IP phone to retry to re-register account when registration fails.
Valid Value:
(Integer from 0 to 1800)

for your situation, you can try to decrease the value of Server Expires, after that the phone will send register to SIP server more frequently.