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App Installation did not work - Stefan_Ger - 01-16-2019 05:51 PM


we have a 3CX pbx and i would like to install Skype on a 58V.

I did find these small manual for the 3CX in another forum:


#1: Open your ip phone url, and go to settings > Auto Provision and sever url ( http://SERVER/provisioning/u73uhagks9) and copy that url

#2: Search online for your desired apk. And download to the folder that matches your auto provisioning url (C:\ProgramData\3CX\Instance1\Data\Http\Interface\provisioning\u73uhagks9)

#3: Log into your 3cx server and head to C:\ProgramData\3CX\Instance1\Data\Http\Templates\phones

#4: Edit yealinkt5x.xml and add these lines right after Web Settings:

pm.version = special
app.install_url = http://SERVER/provisioning/u73uhagks9/APP.apk

#5: Save your xml and reprovision your T58. You'll reboot and have the app on the phone.

Good luck and this method worked for me using latest 3CX, T58A ( and latest Spotify apk


I did add in the provision-file the URL to the Skype APK, make a reprovisioning and a reboot. But no app will be installed.


I did try it with the newest Version of Skype and a old one from APK Mirror (Version I did also try pm.version = standard.

Where is my mistake?

RE: App Installation did not work - Stefan_Ger - 01-21-2019 11:40 AM

That is a really poor support. No answer here in these official Yealink Forum and no response for a email to techsupport of Yealink Angry

If you sell premium ip-phones like the 5x series, i expect also a better support.

RE: App Installation did not work - Evan_Yealink - 01-22-2019 10:24 AM

Hi Stefan, how are you today?

This is Evan from Yealink Support Team, nice to know you here!

Can you report your question to our ticket system(this is our support platform, all our support engineers are here)? Our support engineers will reply you in 24 hours once you report your questions to the ticket. You can access to the ticket system via below website.

Do you mean this APK can't be installed in the Firmware, but it worked in firmware

Best Regards,
Evan You

RE: App Installation did not work - Stefan_Ger - 01-22-2019 11:01 AM

Hi Evan,

thank you for the URL of the ticket system.
I did open a ticket now.

I did try two different versions of Skype APK, a new one and a old one (s. the link to APK mirror).

BR, Stefan