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W60P disconnects and fails to register - jshaflucas - 12-19-2018 09:46 PM

Hello Yealink support!

I have a 3CX installation with multiple sites connected via VPNs using Mikrotik routers.
For some reason, whenever one of the sites loses connectivity to the 3CX server (the VPN breaks and reconnects), the W60P phones fail to re-register. All the other phones come back online at the sites including the W56P DECT phones and T46S phones. It's just the W60p phones that have this problem. The only way to get them going is to log into the web interface of the W60P and reboot it. Then it is good until the next "outage" which could be anything from a power failure or an internet disruption. I can recreate the issue if I restart the Mikrotik router at the sites that have W60Ps. This happens at all locations that have W60P. Firmware is updated to the latest and 3CX is running the latest version and service packs.

Anyone else having this issue?