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T48G - mannebk - 11-20-2018 07:03 PM

Hi Folks,

we run a bunch of several Yealink Phones. T46G and T52P

How do I make those phones aks for what Line to place an outgoing call on? (we got 8 currently)

I know from my Gigaset DX800A that it could be choosen an standard account to call from, or ask befor every call.

Reson is, our emploees are asked to chosse different outgoing linse if they call for one of our customers.

but they most often dont do it. (forget it) and call from our company account instead of the customers account.

so the customer sees the wrong call ID. (ours) and not the customers

That is VERRY unCOOL and intimidating for us and our customer.

so what could I do in the phone config to prevent such misshaps.