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Enable LED indicator when button pressed - Dyna-Tech - 11-07-2018 11:30 PM


I have a question and i am hoping someone can help me with it. The current VoIP provider we are using gives me the possibilities to change the way of incoming calls by dialing a speeddial. An example would be to dial "915<2>2<1>2#"

In this case would this enable a Voicemail.

But you can't see it anyware if the voicemail is enabled. So when the customer goes to home and presses this speeddial button, the voicemail will be enabled, but he can't check this without calling his number.

In the past i know someone has created a solution for this by using "Action URI" or something with XML to enable a led indicator when pressed a specific button, which does a speeddial and turn on an indicator led.

Can this be done on a Yealink Phone?

I hope someone can help me, thank you in advance.