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Dutch translation - Winus - 11-02-2018 08:35 AM

Good morning,

I have 14 Yealink T48S devices with the 66.81.x.x firmware, but I want to upgrade to the latest. The importer ( Lydis ) here in the Netherlands only has the 66.81.x.x translated. The latest seems to be the 66.84.x.x.

The next firmware they translated will be the 66.83.x.x, and not yet released.

Now I have 2 devices upgraded perfectly, and running smooth. I used the provisioning language file to make our devices Dutch again ( work in progress, still some missing translation).

Anyway, I have no problem letting our intern do some translation work and sharing it on bitbucket. But; is that allowed by Yealink? Or is the only one that may do the translation and share them Lydis?