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Cant connect to YDMP - davidbeldi - 10-17-2018 02:36 AM

Hi guys

We seem to have problem with Yealink T46S phones to connect to Device Management Platform.

Went through troubleshooting steps (

But no luck, still says phone is offline. (btw phones were added manually using mac address // server and phones are all in same VLAN)

have new firmware on the phone, so firmware isn't issue(checked guide)

Opened ports.
checked services were running the only problem that I am seeing is that when i dowload /IPAddress/dm.cfg file, i get following message:


dm.enable = 1
dm.server.port = 9090
dm.server.http_enable = 0
dm.server.https_enable = 0

dm.server.retry_min_interval = 5
dm.server.retry_interval_multiplier = 2000
dm.server.retry_interval_max_power = 5

voice.rtcp_xr.enable = 1

dm.server.address =

Any help or idea would be appreciated,


RE: Cant connect to YDMP - RaymonD - 10-22-2021 02:18 PM

Did you have issues with the dm.cfg file? I've got a couple of Yealinks (T46S/T46G) to do my assignment and test them for a Device management systems course. No technical issues so far.